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The Role of Fluoride in Dental Health


There is more to dental health than just an aesthetic smile; it is integral to your overall well-being. Therefore, preventative measures should always take the lead when looking for ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

In this detailed guide, we take a deep dive into the world of fluoride–a mineral known for its tooth structure preservation characteristics. We explore the various sources of the mineral and discuss its role in maintaining a healthy oral cavity.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring element that strengthens teeth and keeps decay at bay. Dental experts argue that the best way to beat cavities is by using fluoride from various sources. Studies even reveal that, in some instances, fluoride can reverse teeth damage.

You can ingest fluoride or apply it topically to your teeth. Some of the major fluoride sources include:

Water Fluoridation: Fluoride occurs naturally in fresh water, and while its concentration varies depending on the source and geographical location, it ranges from 0.01 ppm to 100 ppm.

Fluoride Supplements: They are available as tablets or drops, and dentists recommend them for kids over six months. This is because this particular age bracket is highly susceptible to developing cavities.

Some Foods: You can also find fluoride in foods such as fish, meat, tea and eggs.

Some Dental Care Products: Fluoride is a major component in many toothpastes, mouthwashes and professional dental treatments.

Now that you understand what fluoride is, let us dive into its benefits.

Strengthening Tooth Enamel

The enamel is your tooth’s protective outer layer and is exposed to wear and tear, bacteria and acid almost daily. Factors like plaque buildup and acidic foods can cause demineralization (losing minerals when acids produced by bacteria, sugars and plaque in your mouth attack the enamel), leaving the enamel bare.

The magic of fluoride lies in its ability to remineralize the enamel. Remineralization is the process of gaining minerals like calcium and fluoride when you consume food and beverages that contain these minerals. Fluoride combines with minerals like phosphate and calcium, forming a more robust enamel structure. As a result, your teeth become more decay-resistant.

Preventing Tooth Decay and Cavities

Cavities and tooth decay are born from too much demineralization and little remineralization. When this happens, cavities start developing. This is where dental fluoride comes in. It prevents tooth decay by reducing demineralization, improving remineralization and inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Combating Sensitivity and Gum Disease

Gum disease and tooth sensitivity are dental issues that can deteriorate the quality of your life. Tooth sensitivity is often a result of worn-out enamel or exposed tooth roots. The good news? You can rely on fluoride’s remineralization effect to fortify the enamel, reduce sensitivity, and enhance comfort.

Another common affliction of the oral cavity is gum disease, which affects the gum tissues and the bone anchoring the teeth. Fluoride’s antimicrobial attributes can help inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, thus preventing gum disease.

Offers a Natural Preventative

Another benefit of fluoride is that it serves as a natural preventative. Because the mineral is naturally occurring, you can adjust your levels simply by drinking fluoridated water. It is an easy way to prevent teeth damage, so the next time you make your dental visits, ask about receiving fluoride treatments.

During a fluoride treatment, our hygienist or dentist at Dental Studio on Wellesley applies a fluoride foam, varnish or gel to your teeth. The process takes at most five minutes, so it won’t interrupt your daily routine.

Get Fluoride Treatments Today in Toronto

Kids’ teeth are indeed more vulnerable to cavities and decay and thus would greatly benefit from fluoride treatments. However, this doesn’t mean adults do not need fluoride treatments. Even if you have strong, healthy teeth, these treatments are still essential. Over time, different foods and beverages can break down your enamel, leaving the tooth structure unprotected. Fluoride is the best way to build tooth defences and ensure pristine dental health.

At Dental Studio on Wellesley, your dental health is our number one priority. Have you and your loved ones used fluoride before? If not, this is your sign. If you want to learn more about fluoride treatments and dental health, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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