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Cosmetic Dental Crowns

Types of cosmetic dental crowns

Do you know that cosmetic dental crowns or Cosmetic Crowns are a portion of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services? If you are looking for a cosmetic dentistry option for the restoration of your pretty smile then the cosmetic crown is one of the best options to create a perfect look. These crowns support and toughen a declining, natural tooth. A cosmetic crown is also an excellent option for covering cosmetic flaws such as dark amalgam fillings, cracks in teeth or non-align teeth.

What Are Cosmetic Crowns?

A cosmetic dental crown is also known as a cap. The good thing is it modifies both the functional and aesthetic problems of a tooth. It is strong and made to fit on the complete visible part of a tooth. The expert dentists at our dental clinic permanently bond the crown which is comprised of different materials. When it comes to cosmetic dental crowns, there is a variety of materials that our dentists offer you at the dental clinic. 

Dental Fillings are also done to repair broken teeth or when the teeth have problems due to unhealthy behaviors such as teeth biting.

What are the Types of cosmetic dental crowns?

We offer two main kinds of cosmetic dental crowns at our dental clinic. 

Porcelain Crowns (Ceramic Bridge)

Porcelain crowns are best for those teeth that have discolouration or cracks. The application of a porcelain crown is often done by dentists in cosmetic as well as general dentistry to solve tooth problems. If you have any allergies to gold or any other metals then you are a good candidate to get an all-porcelain crown. 

This type of cosmetic dental crown is made to match the colour of your natural teeth, which makes them ideal for discreet, natural-looking dental restoration. porcelain crowns are also ideal if you have pain and sensitivity due to a broken tooth. It restores the functionality of the tooth and enhances the tooth’s appearance. 

Zirconia Crowns (Zirconia bridge)

Zirconia crowns are by far the most durable type of cosmetic dental crown. The dental team at our dental clinic uses advanced dental technology during the procedures and fabrication of dental crowns. Our dental technicians are highly qualified and use CAD/CAM machines for making perfect fit zirconia crowns. If you grind or clench your teeth, then this type of cosmetic dental crown is the top recommended option for you. Zirconia crowns are well known for providing functional support as well as aesthetics. 

What is the procedure for cosmetic dental Crowns?

Whether you go for zirconia or porcelain both of them require two appointments. During the first appointment, the dentists prepare your tooth to receive a crown. The procedure includes removing of tooth decay and making a new architecture to the outside portion of the tooth so that a cosmetic crown will fit comfortably. 

After this step, a digital scan of the tooth is taken and sent to the dental lab for the fabrication of a customized cosmetic dental crown. During the complete procedure, you will be given a temporary crown to protect the tooth. At the second visit, the temporary crown is removed and the dentist bonds the permanent special dental adhesives. 

What are the Advantages?

After the removal of the cavity, the tooth-colored filling material is applied in layers. Next, a special curing light hardens each layer for strength. When the multilayering process is done, the dentist will shape the filling material to the desired shape, remove any excess material, and polish the final restoration.

Do fillings require replacement?

Cosmetic Dental crowns offer a suitable solution to different dental problems. They are able to:

  • Support decayed teeth
  • Protect a tooth with cracks
  • Saves a root canal-treated tooth
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Improve the appearance of a tooth 

Remember that cosmetic dental crowns are more durable than other dental restoration methods. 

How Long Do Last?

If you looking for long-lasting cosmetic dental crowns then you also have to provide proper care, to the crowns. All they require is regular brushing and flossing which natural teeth need, you should:

  • Refrain from putting extra pressure on your new crowns 
  • Avoid Biting on hard food

Our dentists will help you to choose your cosmetic dental crown options.  We will make approvals depending on the site of the affected tooth, your treatment needs, and whether you clench your teeth or not. Both porcelain and zirconia crowns offer durability and aesthetics, however, they have minor differences that may make one choice better than another for a customized case. 


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